Editora Napoleão Ltda, through its proprietary partners, within the values, mission and vision* of the company, national consumer protection laws, under the guidance of its legal advisor, considering:


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  • Its Mission is to offer customers constant updates, anticipating their needs, guaranteeing quality and differentials in service with the help of highly committed and qualified professionals.
  • It has the Vision of Being a reference in the health area, with a direct sales operation to the consumer, prioritizing differentiated service, with quality, agility and respect.
  • Its purpose is to propagate relevant content for a profound and positive change in people's lives.
  • Editora Napoleão is committed to the privacy and security of its customers throughout the navigation and purchase process on the site. Customer registration data is not sold, exchanged or disclosed to third parties, except when this information is necessary for the delivery process.
  • Your personal data is a fundamental part for your order to arrive safely, at your home, according to our delivery deadline. In order for this data to remain intact, we expressly advise against disclosing your password to third parties, including friends and relatives.
  • In compliance with the Consumer Protection Code (Law 8.078/1990*), the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet (Law No. 12.965/2014*), its regulatory decree (Decree No. 8.771/2016*), the LGPD – General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (Law 13.709/2018*).
  • In compliance with the values ​​recommended in professional practice, the credibility of decades of experience in the publishing market without blemishes, creates the:



  • In case of additional questions or requests, please contact the external Data Protection Officer (DPO), Rosalia Toledo Veiga Ometto, via email: dpo@editoranapoleao.com.br



Treatment agent | Publisher Napoleon Ltd.
Role in the processing of personal data| Predominantly CONTROLLER, eventually OPERATOR.
Nature of personal data processed | Personal data | directly from the HOLDERS
For example: Employees, Individual Customers, Business Partners


Main purposes of processing personal data at Editora Napoleão | Use personal data of the HOLDERS to comply with a contractual relationship established between the parties for the sale of publications specialized in the dental and health sector in general,
such as: contract for the sale and purchase of products marketed with its customers, and all others arising from its business scope
Sharing with partners | personal data that is minimally necessary for compliance with legal or regulatory obligations, regular exercise of rights, among others with a lower incidence.
For example: Government (taxation), Post and Transport Companies (delivery of purchased products), Financial System (boletos), Credit Card Operators (purchase execution), Accounting (legal obligations)
It is noteworthy that there is no commercialization of the personal data of Editora Napoleão under any circumstances.


Why is personal data collected at Editora Napoleão?

  • Use personal data to enter, respond to or maintain contact before, during or after a contractual relationship with the HOLDER, in the capacity of CONTROLLER, aiming at the fulfillment of the contract (in general contract of sale and purchase of products marketed to individuals, employment contract ).

Legal basis | Execution of a contract with the HOLDER and/or compliance with a legal or regulatory obligation.

  • Occasionally use personal data for the purpose of disclosing content or participation and disclosure in events and actions, linked to the services of Editora Napoleão.

Legal basis | Consent of the HOLDER.


How does Editora Napoleão protect personal data and its storage?

  • Occasionally use personal data for the purpose of disclosing content or participation and disclosure in events and actions, linked to the services of Editora Napoleão.
  • Appropriate security, technical and administrative measures are adopted by Editora Napoleão, and, as a standard, there is no treatment of original physical documents, only copies and mostly digital or digitized, with absolutely restricted access for people and employees. All digital documents and all digital personal data of Editora Napoleão are stored on its own servers.
  • There is no automated processing of personal data at Editora Napoleão


What are the rights of the holders of personal data with Editora Napoleão?

  • Your rights | Confirmation of the existence of treatment, access, correction, portability, deletion (unless there is a legal basis that justifies maintaining personal data), among others, and may require further clarification or requests via email: dpo@editoranapoleao.com.br



Personal data | Any information relating to a natural person, directly or indirectly, identified or identifiable (for example, name, CPF, IP number, computer or cell phone)
Sensitive personal data | Special category of personal data referring to racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, membership of a trade union or organization of a religious, philosophical or political nature, referring to health or sex life, genetic or biometric data relating to the natural person.
This data that is not used with customers, only some of this data for employees due to legal or regulatory obligations.
Holder | natural person to whom the personal data refer, such as former, present or potential customers who share data with Editora Napoleão (individual customers, service providers, third parties), employees, contractors, business partners and third parties.
Treatment | any and all operations or sets of operations performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, by automated or non-automated means, such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, conservation, adaptation or alteration, retrieval , consultation, use, dissemination by transmission, dissemination or any other form of making available, comparison or interconnection, limitation, elimination or destruction (LGPD, art. 5, X)
Legal basis | It is what allows the agent to process personal data, the legal basis, the main one being the HOLDER's Consent, which can be revoked at any time, provided that there are no other legal exceptions that allow the CONTROLLER to continue processing personal data, even if the consent of the HOLDER. It is defined by the CONTROLLER according to the characteristics of the business, product or service provided.

in charge | is the mediator, person appointed by the controller and operator to act as a communication channel between the controller, the holders of personal data and the National Data Protection Authority - ANPD. (LGPD, arts. 5, VIII and 41)

Treatment Agents | they are the ones who have custody of the personal data and must carry out all the processing in accordance with legal provisions and in accordance with the principles of the LGPD, above all, in good faith and with transparency. They are the CONTROLLERS and the OPERATORS.

Controller | processing agent, the party that determines the purposes and means of processing personal data. In the present case, the CONTROLLER is Editora Napoleão (LGPD, art. 5, VI and IX), such as personal registration data of customers and personal data of employees

Operator | processing agent, party that processes personal data in accordance with the instructions of the CONTROLLER.
In the present case, the OPERATOR are the business partners (financial institution to generate slips, lawyer, external DPO, accountant, among others of strict necessity). (LGPD, art. 5, VII and IX)

Anonymization | process through which the data loses the possibility of association, directly or indirectly, with an individual, considering the reasonable technical means available at the time of treatment.


Publisher Napoleon and Cookies

  • Cookies are files or information that can be stored on your devices when you visit websites or use online services, such as Editora Napoleão's website and social networks, including restricted use, in the client area, it only uses cookies to facilitate the use and better adaptation of its pages to the interests and needs of the HOLDERS, as well as to consolidate the purchase of products and also to compile information on the use of social networking sites, helping to improve their structures and their contents. Cookies can also be used to speed up your activities.

Some types of cookies, what are they and what do they do?

Functional Cookies | These cookies are essential for the pages of Editora Napoleão to load correctly and allow the customer to browse our sites and make use of all features.

Marketing Cookies | These cookies help us to understand how customers/visitors interact with Editora Napoleão pages, providing information about the areas visited, the time spent on the site and any problems encountered, such as error messages, however they do not identify personal data, and are not stored for purposes other than better navigation and experience on the website or social networks.

Session Cookies | These are temporary use cookies, which are deleted when the customer closes their browser. When a customer restarts their browser and returns to the site that created the cookie, that site treats the customer as a new visitor.

Persistent Cookies | These are cookies that remain in your browser until the customer manually deletes them or until your browser deletes them according to the duration period established by the cookie. These Cookies will recognize your return as a site visitor.

Cookies required | Cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of a compatible website or service of Editora Napoleão. They allow customer/visitor to browse the site and use our features

Cookies that send us user information | We place this type of Cookies on a compatible website or service of Editora Napoleão and this type of Cookie can only be read by our compatible websites and services.

Cookies in advertisements by Editora Napoleão | We place Cookies on advertisements and advertisements that are displayed on compatible third-party websites and services. We obtain information through these Cookies when the user clicks or interacts with the advertisement or advertisement. In this case, Editora Napoleão is placing a “third-party” cookie. We may use this data obtained by third-party Cookies to send you other advertisements that we believe may be relevant or of interest to you based on your past behavior.

At any time, the HOLDER may delete cookies from the pages of Editora Napoleão using the settings of his preferred browser. For more information on how to proceed with the management of cookies in browsers:

Mozilla Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/pt-BR/kb/ative-e-desative-os-cookies-que-os-sites-usam

Google Chrome:

Safari: https://support.apple.com/pt-br/guide/safari/sfri11471/mac

Internet Explorer:


With whom does Editora Napoleão share personal data?

  • Editora Napoleão does not trade personal data with third parties. However, you may share personal data with personal data OPERATORS who will follow the specific purposes for processing personal data, such as:

With Partner Companies and suppliers, in the development of Services aimed at the HOLDER or Editora Napoleão

With authorities, government entities or other third parties, for the protection of the interests of Editora Napoleão in any type of conflict, including lawsuits and administrative proceedings

In the case of transactions and corporate changes involving Editora Napoleão, in which case the transfer of information will be necessary for the continuity of services

By court order or by the request of administrative authorities that have legal competence for its request.

Additionally, it is possible that some of the transfers indicated above, especially through cloud storage, may occur outside Brazil, please contact the Person in Charge - DPO, Rosalia Toledo Veiga Ometto, dpo@editoranapoleao.com.br, within the cases authorized by law.

Although Editora Napoleão adopts the best possible structure to preserve the privacy and protect the HOLDERS' personal data, there is no technical possibility of offering absolute security and, as a result, there is no possibility of full guarantee of personal data compromise.

In this way, Editora Napoleão advises HOLDERS of personal data to commit to adopting personal security and privacy measures, learning security attitudes, with continuous digital learning and literacy.


Lifecycle of Collected Information

Personal data processed by Editora Napoleão will be automatically deleted when they are no longer useful for the purposes for which they were collected, or when the HOLDER requests their elimination, unless there is a legal basis for Editora Napoleão to keep such personal data in its custody.

Requests must be sent to the Data Protection Officer, Rosalia Toledo Veiga Ometto, through the e-mail address: dpo@editoranapoleao.com.br, where they will be answered by Editora Napoleão.​