How to find products on the Editora Napoleão website?

  • In the upper right corner of the site's pages, you can do a search.

    The search is segmented by the product theme and, on the main page, it is possible to search for any information in a single text box.

    The search box accepts the title, subtitle, collection, author and even the product's ISBN code to find the results.


What is ISBN?

  • SBN (International Standard Book Number) is a standardized international system that numerically identifies books according to title, author, country and publisher, even individualizing them by edition.

    When searching for books on our website, you can find the title you want by entering the full ISBN number.


Are there book suggestions on the site?

  • Yes. On the home page of the site, you will find product suggestions such as best sellers, new releases and other suggestions.


What are the payment methods accepted by Editora Napoleão?

  • The payment methods accepted for purchases on the site are: all credit cards, debit card (Visa and Master), bank slip, and current account debit (Banco do Brasil and Bradesco).


How do I change my registration data?

  • If you want to change any registration data, simply click on the “My Account” option on the top menu and, after authenticating on the site, select the “Change my registration” option. All your registration data will appear and you can make the necessary changes.


How do I change my access password?

  • To change your current password, click on the “My Account” option in the top menu and, after authentication, select “Change Password”.

    Enter your current password and then the new password. Confirm the new password. With this procedure, your password will already be changed for the next movements on the site.



What is secure transaction?

  • Editora Napoleão allows you to carry out your purchase operation through the website in an environment of absolute security.

    Your personal data is transmitted encrypted, which guarantees privacy during the purchase.

    Are my personal data only seen by Editora Napoleão?
    Yes. Editora Napoleão is committed to loyalty to its customers and undertakes not to disclose any of the data provided.


What is a pre-sale?

  • Pre-sale is the moment when the books by Editora Napoleão are sold with a 25% discount, as there has not yet been the official launch of the work, being an advance reservation of the product.


What is the difference between making a purchase through the sales center?

  • When making a purchase through the Sales Center (19) 3466.2063, the customer can choose to pay for purchases in installments, receive up to 10% discount (non-cumulative) and in pre-sale book purchases it is possible to schedule the withdrawal at the launch event of the work.


What do I need to do to get free shipping when shopping on the site?

  • Shipping is free nationwide, regardless of the purchase price. For international purchases, shipping is at the customer's expense, so we recommend that it be done through the Sales Center (19) 3466.2063 or (19) 98973.6286 (WhatsApp).


Is it possible to order a book that is not in stock?

  • On our website are offered both products that we have in our stocks and products that can be ordered from publishers (these highlighted in this information). Check the availability of each item in the product description on our page.


I made a purchase through the website, but I would like to exchange for another work. I can?

  • In order to exchange goods, the product must be in perfect conditions of use and in its original, properly sealed packaging.
    In case of regret or dissatisfaction with the product purchased, the customer must make his return request within seven calendar days, counting from the date of receipt of the product.

    Send your request via email: [email protected]


Can I change the payment method for my purchase?

  • For security reasons, we do not make changes to the payment method for orders that have already been completed. If you are unable to pay for your order using the current payment method, we suggest that you cancel the order and make your purchase again on our website, or through our Sales Center (19) 3466.2063.

How to find products on the Editora Napoleão website?

  • No canto superior direito das páginas do site, você pode fazer uma busca.

    A busca é setorizada pelo tema do produto e, na página principal, é possível pesquisar qualquer informação numa única caixa de texto.

    A caixa de pesquisa aceita o título, subtítulo, coleção, autor e até mesmo o código ISBN do produto para encontrar os resultados.